3 reasons why you are missing out if you’re not using Australian recycled hardwood in your home.

by Mitch Hart of Custom Vanity

As a carpenter and builder who’s worked in residential renovations since 2003, I’ve used all types of timber before but Australian recycled hardwood is my top pick to use in the home.  Here’s why!

1. It can be adapted for any desired look and feel…

Recycled Australian Hardwood comes in a variety of different colours which means that you can adapt its application to suit your taste and aesthetic, whether you want a rustic finish with loads of character, or a clean, modern look.

2. It’s great for the planet…

At last there is an emphasis on sustainability within the building industry.  Choosing recycled is a great way to lower your carbon footprint without sacrificing style.

You don’t have to go crazy with it either – incorporating recycled timber in a controlled manner has the potential to look spectacular in combination with other elements.

3. It’s tough…

Recycled hardwood is sourced from different types of demolished older structures, so it has had the time to ‘season’ properly.  This means that any swelling or shrinking that occurs with newer timbers has had time to sort itself out with many years of exposure to the elements.

Bathroom upstairs


For all of these reasons, I encourage my clients to think about where they might use Australian recycled hardwood in their homes.  Using this beautiful product inspired me to start Custom Vanity and build unique bathroom vanity tops.  While tile, glass, stone and concrete look fantastic in a bathroom, timber can warm and soften these cold, hard surfaces and create a feature piece in the space.  Every handcrafted vanity top that we create is different, and unlike mass-produced laminate or standard timber tops, you’ll never get the exact same top twice.  Every piece of timber used has its own history, with gum veins, nail holes and natural timber burls through the surface.

Reclaimed hardwood is perfect for a bathroom because it is a durable, hard-wearing material.  After being collected, it goes through an additional milling and drying process to reduce any movement that could be enhanced by the humidity of a bathroom.  In combination with the right coating and seal, it’s perfect for a wet area.  Your timber vanity top will also not discolour or stain, unlike certain stones like granite and marble.  Although timber isn’t as hard a surface as stone or concrete, and could be vulnerable to scratches, it means that if after 10 or 15 years your benchtop needs revitalising, it can easily be sanded and re-coated back to its former glory.

As Queensland has such a wide range of hardwoods ranging in colour we like to categorise our tops into ‘lights’, ‘browns’, ‘reds’ and ‘mixed’, which gives us the opportunity to combine similar timbers, showcasing the unique characteristics of different timber species together in one vanity top.  At Custom Vanity, we use the best that Queensland has to offer in reclaimed hardwood.  We’d love to talk to you about how you can incorporate more Australian recycled hardwood into your home.



Phone Mitch on 0431 204 034 or email info@customvanity.com.au


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